Global Brigades @ Marshall offers undergraduate students an unparalleled opportunity to gain consulting experience abroad.

Our organization offers a life changing experience for undergraduates at the University of Southern California. Before embarking on their international trips, brigaders engage in a year-long curriculum that includes a pro bono consulting project, volunteer opportunities, collaborative events with other leading organizations on campus, and bonding activities with fellow brigaders. With the support of our Executive Board, members refine their teamwork and consulting skills in order to maximize the impact that their brigade experience has on their personal development and the development of the community they enter. 

In addition to making an impact and gaining practical experience, members build a network that defines their college experience.

We don’t require applicants to have business experience. We are looking for passionate and intelligent  students who can create innovative solutions to real-world problems. Our recruitment occurs once a year during the Fall semester.  This process includes a written application and a behavioral interview. Be prepared to answer questions about your leadership experience, your interest in GB@M, and how you plan to make a positive impact on our organization and the communities we work with.

Questions or concerns about the recruitment process?  Please refer to the FAQ section.  

Recruitment Timeline

Fall 2018 Application CLICK HERE

Facebook Event CLICK HERE

                                   Info Session #1                                                     Date: Wednesday, August 29th                              Time: 8-9 PM Location: HOH 1      

                            Alumni Networking Mixer                                              Date: Wednesday, Sept. 5th                  Time: 8-9 PM Location: HOH 2

                                   Info Session #2                                                     Date: Tuesday, Sept. 4th                          Time: 8-9 PM Location: HOH 1