Apply to become the next GB Campus Chairperson @ USC!

Dear GB Trojan Family:

If you are a chapter leader, please share this blog post with all of your members! The application for Global Brigades Campus Chairperson(s) at USC is LIVE! The deadline to apply is Wednesday, April 13th, at 12:00 PM.  


What is the Campus Chairperson (CC)?

In short, the CC is responsible for unifying GB chapters on campus, and acting as liaisons between chapter leaders and Global Brigades. This is not a position on the leadership team of any one brigade chapter, rather this is a position on each and every leadership team!


What does the CC do? 

  •  communicate and coordinate with all GB chapters on campus
  •  support chapter leaders in event planning, fundraising, recruitment, and more
  •  offer strategic guidance to chapter leaders to grow their chapters
  •  help facilitate the creation of new chapters on-campus
  •  foster relationships with university administration 


What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Must be at USC for both semesters of the 2016-2017 school year
  • Must have been on a USC brigade by Fall 2016 
  • Must not be a Chapter President and CC simultaneously

This is a quickly changing role, with tons of flexibility and opportunity to make a massive impact on both GB and it's chapters at USC. Alongside chapter presidents, the CC is the most important person for GB on campus.  If you would like to learn more, please visit GB's website here:


Thank you for your time!