A letter from our Co-Presidents - Welcome

Christina Nguyen & Alec Vicari-Epstein

Thank you for your interest in Global Brigades @ Marshall (GBM).  After going on our first brigade in 2014, we were impassioned by the impact it had on both the communities we worked with and our own personal development.  This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  For our brigaders and the communities we work with, this experience opens the door to a world we would otherwise be unexposed to; and the exchange of knowledge that occurs when we work side-by-side is unrivaled by any classroom experience.  After a brigade, we encourage our members to continue contributing to GBM’s efforts by pursuing leadership and giving other USC students the opportunity to experience all that we have to offer.

While on a brigade, you will step far outside of your comfort zone.  You will learn to live in an unfamiliar and less-than-ideal environment, communicate across social and language barriers, and conduct yourself respectfully within a different culture.  With an open mind, the support of your peers, and the knowledge you’ve acquired at USC, you will ultimately provide these communities with the most valuable drivers of self-development - hope and confidence.  The hope that they can raise their families from poverty, send their children to school, and build their own businesses; and confidence in their ability to turn this hope into reality.  In only one week in-country, the knowledge, experiences, and memories you will share will be monumental and everlasting.  Join us and “Leave your Global Footprint” on a brigade this year.