March 21, 2015 - Honduras Microfinance Brigade

Stephen Chu

Today marks the last day of our week long journey and is a time filled with many mixed emotions. Words cannot describe the many special and beautiful moments we have experienced. Who knew that after just one week, all of us have fallen in love with the people of Honduras.

The hardest part of today was saying goodbye to people I have grown so close to during this past week. The staff in Honduras deserves so much respect and admiration. They have dedicated their lives to improving the cultural & livelihood within rural communities such as Fray Lazaro. I am honored to call these Global Brigades staff members my friends and cannot wait to have the opportunity to see them again in the future. As we return home today, we leave with a new perspective on life. To me it is not fair that all people around the world do not get the same opportunities. As this week went on I began to remember how important social impact and pro bono work is. We strive to make global improvements through education and passion, and hopefully as we unite more & more people together in order to make social betterment a priority.

In conclusion this trip has been full of adventure, self-reflection, collaboration, and ever lasting friendships. As we all go our separate ways back into our busy lives, let's not forget about all the good we’ve done this week, and how much more there is still to accomplish together.