March 18, 2015 - Honduras Microfinance Brigade

Kevin Kim

Today I realized that every person in this world, regardless of differences in lifestyle and culture, are the same. We all want the same things and have the same goals: happiness, health and safety of our loved ones and ourselves. Our cultural, monetary, and traditional backgrounds may be drastically different, but they are merely different methods to achieve the universal goals.

My group and I visited three local families in Fray Lazaro. All these families had different stories to tell. Even with all those differences, they still wanted the same things: a better home, better education for their children, and a better life. Aren’t those what we also want? Thus, as people who are more fortunate, we should help those who are less fortunate to achieve what we all want. If we have already achieved our goals, we should help others achieve the same and share the happiness. After all, we are all one people.