March 16, 2015 - Honduras Microfinance Brigade

Gordon Wang

My experience this week with Global Brigades has been absolutely amazing, not only because of the community, but also for the opportunity to learn about family stories and their experiences.

Today, we conducted our second day of family visits. The day started early with my alarm sounding off at 6:45 am. I am not a morning person, but I wake up with excitement and eagerness to collect the remaining information from our family visits. As we arrived to the Fray Lazaro community, I was ready to start my day. One family stood out the most to me because of the mother’s entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic. Through any conversation with her, I learned about her daily life and her ambitions for her own business. She is a mother of three kids and wakes up at 5am every day. Not only does she maintain the casa(house), she also sells tamales two times a week for additional income. Her goals are to build a community well and send her children to university. Helping expand her with the logistics of her tamales business while aligning her business with her goals was a rewarding and strategic process. We accomplished that by debriefing with my team members to better understand her finances and make strategic recommendations to scale her business.

I have been blown away by my experience in Honduras so far. I am truly empowering the community by giving families business opportunities through microfinance and the Caja Rural (Community Bank). In addition, they are empowering me with experience and an appreciation for financial sustainability.